Dalton Village Parks:
Pavilion Rental

Mill Street - $15.00
(Per day/per pavilion)

Freet Street -$50.00
(Per day / Per Pavilion)

Rental of the pavilions provides access to the park amenities provided they are not separately reserved by another party.

Baseball Fields

Mill Street - $75.00
(Per day)

Use of lights/additional - $50.00
(Lights off at 11:00 P.M.)

Refundable Security Deposit - $100.00

Freet Street - $75.00
(Per day/per field)

Refundable Security Deposit - $100.00

Basketball Court

Freet Street -$150.00
(Per day/includes pavilion)

Refundable Security Deposit - $100.00

Entire Park - $750.00
The Dalton Village Park, located on Mill Street is a great place to picnic.  Three pavilions at this facility supply ample space for larger gatherings.  The Village Green Park, located on Freet Street, off of Main Street, is another great place to have fun.  It has three ball diamonds, two pavilions, restrooms and basketball courts.  A playground keeps the younger children entertained for hours.

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